the 2013 inventory - crazytown.

this is more for Future Carrie’s benefit and recollection than it is for you. but 2013 was crazytown, y’all.

  • SO MUCH TRAVEL. Went to London, England and Lisbon, Portugal for two conferences, went to Italy with my family and BFF in June, went to Cambridge for my 5-year reunion, Chicago to see David Byrne in concert (!), Chicago again for my parents’ 60th birthday party, and various other locales in Texas for funsies
  • went to SXSW for the third time, covering a bunch of comedy events, which involved playing Bingo with Will Arnett, Jeffrey Tambor, and Mitch Hurwitz, seeing Tenacious D in a very intimate venue, and partying at the Team Coco/Funny or Die party that was inexplicably also sponsored by some FPS videogame
  • took my last class everrrrrrr
  • planned a graduate conference about Amer’cuh and presented a paper about Larry David there
  • mourned the death of a close friend of mine, Elsa Kim, who was killed in a car accident in late August but who stays with me in clear and not-so-clear ways
  • read 200 books
  • redecorated my apartment with some new furniture so now I don’t look like I live in a 12-year old’s house
  • started writing for Kill Screen - video gaaaames
  • played a LOT of new video games for work [obviously]
  • came up with a dissertation topic
  • covered Fun Fun Fun Fest for Laughspin and interviewed Patton Oswalt from the back of a golf cart
  • dealt with the lack of a ceiling in a portion of my apartment for ~6 weeks
  • worked on development and fundraising for my department (and we were successful!)
  • hung out with my friends a lot and that was awesome.

to 2014… fewer books plz.

[WoW’s economy is] essentially unregulated [and so] will almost certainly be used as a venue for terrorist laundering and will, with certainty, be used for terrorist propaganda and recruitment.

- The best quotes from the NSA World of Warcraft surveillance papers - Kill Screen

A Seinfeld Twitter parody account made the best Arcade Fire video of the year  · The A.V. Club ⇢


I love a good anti-joke.

I love a good anti-joke.


what would I say?

meme going around = “what would I say?” on Facebook. it’s a script that extracts stuff from Facebook statuses you’ve made and combines them in some vaguely sensical (but mostly nonsensical) order. a few highlights from mine:

yeah, but I still have rollerblades…

Odds of encounter are helping grad school goal = surprisingly emotional

what can i say, i’m actually kind of darkly funny

Seeing nick offerman/Ron Swanson sing sweet caroline with Jameson’s tome on postmodernism to get crazy amounts of good

going to cheer on the BP oil spill for two days, and *Doug Benson* literally sends you

apparently requiem for a beer and cheese party with David Fincher, very very very 90s

i’m in between performances of confusion and hilarity.


one class down, one to dumb and dumber.

Feels super stoked to see Louis CK opine about the talking heads!

catch y’all on the SEXIEST ticket, AMIRITE

Hobbes’s marginalia in the USA’ is Talking Heads and new wave music.

I need to become a GIF.

most people try for professorships but interdisciplinary scholarship is all

how horrible human being <3

giving my first pumpkin after we got there are unstable, changing, that shape how we live and how we treat one another. If we’re alert to a group composed of the SNAKES TOOK MY HOME!

grading a slew of reindeer and caribou, two grizzlies, a boat and everyone bailed on me.

I need to have a taco or NOTHING.

my brain and body are remote controlled, and it’s SO COZY