Dig what’s happening to you.

By “dig” I mean get into it. There are lessons for you there. And when it gets uncomfortable, that’s an important time to open and dig. There’s treasure in them thar hills.

- Jeff Bridges, during a Reddit AMA

the 2013 inventory - crazytown.

this is more for Future Carrie’s benefit and recollection than it is for you. but 2013 was crazytown, y’all.

  • SO MUCH TRAVEL. Went to London, England and Lisbon, Portugal for two conferences, went to Italy with my family and BFF in June, went to Cambridge for my 5-year reunion, Chicago to see David Byrne in concert (!), Chicago again for my parents’ 60th birthday party, and various other locales in Texas for funsies
  • went to SXSW for the third time, covering a bunch of comedy events, which involved playing Bingo with Will Arnett, Jeffrey Tambor, and Mitch Hurwitz, seeing Tenacious D in a very intimate venue, and partying at the Team Coco/Funny or Die party that was inexplicably also sponsored by some FPS videogame
  • took my last class everrrrrrr
  • planned a graduate conference about Amer’cuh and presented a paper about Larry David there
  • mourned the death of a close friend of mine, Elsa Kim, who was killed in a car accident in late August but who stays with me in clear and not-so-clear ways
  • read 200 books
  • redecorated my apartment with some new furniture so now I don’t look like I live in a 12-year old’s house
  • started writing for Kill Screen - video gaaaames
  • played a LOT of new video games for work [obviously]
  • came up with a dissertation topic
  • covered Fun Fun Fun Fest for Laughspin and interviewed Patton Oswalt from the back of a golf cart
  • dealt with the lack of a ceiling in a portion of my apartment for ~6 weeks
  • worked on development and fundraising for my department (and we were successful!)
  • hung out with my friends a lot and that was awesome.

to 2014… fewer books plz.

[WoW’s economy is] essentially unregulated [and so] will almost certainly be used as a venue for terrorist laundering and will, with certainty, be used for terrorist propaganda and recruitment.

- The best quotes from the NSA World of Warcraft surveillance papers - Kill Screen

A Seinfeld Twitter parody account made the best Arcade Fire video of the year  · The A.V. Club ⇢


I love a good anti-joke.

I love a good anti-joke.